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Unforgettable experience INTEGRATION

For a comfortable game, a simple tracksuit is enough. Shots do not stain, leave bruises, and do not pollute the area. This is a great alternative for the enthusiasts of a "pure game". The battle involves hunting for the opponent's spots, unlimited shots, 15 minutes of pure adrenaline! Full safety is guaranteed by specially prepared battle arrows and masks with a protective system for eyes and temples.

<span>Healthy body </span></br>is a healthy mind
Healthy body
is a healthy mind

Group classes include the following disciplines:

- Zumba

- Nordic walking

- Crossfit

- Beach volleyball

- Badminton

Cooking workshops

Cooking with the Chef is an unforgettable adventure. Groups prepare dishes for a collective tasting. Example themes: American cuisine, Classic fish & chips, Tex-Mex cuisine, The truth about Tatar.

<span>Cooking</span> workshops

Groups are divided into smaller teams as they have to reach as many hidden boxes as possible. The participants can manually navigate the GPS to the help themselves with the route. The navigation will be equipped with POIs. Some of the points will have to be deciphered. Example competitions: rafting, minefield, obstacle course in the dark, discovery tent, encrypted messenger, transport of dangerous cargo, shelter building, medical escapade, constructing a water treatment plant

Mission epidemics

Dressed in special suits and masks, you will have to do a number of tasks to find a case with a hidden vaccine. Example tasks: transporting a delicate load on the obstacle course, the art of enemy subjugation, dressing and transporting the injured person to a safe place, building a weapon, semaphore alphabet communication, finding lost pieces of the puzzle in a smoky tent, a labyrinth in the dark, building a balloon.

<span>Mission </span>epidemics
<span>Cheerful</span> Olympic Games
Cheerful Olympic Games

This is a unique program created in the spirit of integration and mutual motivation of teams to perform the tasks and compete for fun. Example events: Mega table football, tame the bull, XXL dart, field hockey, Bumper Ball, track sweepers, bow battle, hunting for a moving target, sumo fight, boxing ring.

Spartacus Run

A slightly different version of the famous run. You will have the opportunity to check your strength, your willingness to cooperate and help the participants of the run. It's not merely anout competition but cooperation. Detached from everyday life, you will put your endurance to the test. Example tasks include crossing on a raft, running with a tire, mud crossing, hurdles, monkey's grove, cobwebs, a pneumatic obstacle course with a smokescreen, tire run, diagonal platform, balancing, up-and-down, lumberjack walk, confidence jump.

<span>Spartacus</span> Run
<span>Bumper </span> balls
Bumper balls

Bumper balls are a unique idea for unusual entertainment. Bumper Balls gives a lot of possibilities to play with creative and sensational games on a unique, inflatable pitch. The maximum number of players in a single game is 10.

Communication decalogue

We will split you into teams. The task for each team will be to solve tasks collectively. Only combined efforts of all teams will prove effective. The examples tasks include communication chaos, expectation paranoia, instant targets, cipher writings, communication labyrinth, activate yourself, tele tabu, overloaded raft, tension ring, space of problems, logistics of a crossing, a thread of understanding.

<span>Communication </span> decalogue
<span>Off </span> road
Off road

Each team will get a Nissan GR or Land Rover off-road vehicle with a driver at their disposal. During the meeting in the base, the group is randomly divided into teams. The participants receive an illustrative map of the area with marked control points.


This is a special program aimed at people who like to help others. All objects made during the event will go to dedicated places, such as orphanages or animal shelters. Examples tasks: building a dog house, folding bikes, sewing plush bears, building bird feeders, making furniture from pallets.

<span>Escape </span> room
Escape room

An integration event which takes place in a closed and specially-adapted room in which a series of logical-detective puzzles are hidden, aimed at bringing participants to the desired goal. Example rooms: the Polish Republic of People, Saint Nicholas workshop, antiquarian bookshop, mathematical room, prison cell, toy factory, traveler's room, humanistic room.

City game

Each team gets a map section which introduces into the further secrets of the game. To guess the content of the puzzle, the participants must each time read the information encrypted on the walls of old tenement houses, inside the old churches and in the corners of the picturesque historic streets. The places where the puzzles are hidden are marked in a specific way. In some, guests will find secret characters which require passwords. All puzzles will refer to the theme of the game.

<span>City </span> game
<span>Technical  </span> Contest
Technical Contest

Technical Contest is a program created for groups which combines integration with learning about the world of technology and physics. Our participants will have the opportunity to try their hand at competitions which require intensive cooperation and a proper brainstorming.

You have one minute

Your goal will be to perform a series of non-executable tasks in 60 seconds. Completion of one task allows you to move on to the next one. The correct performance of the task guarantees participation in the final round.

<span>You have </span> one minute
<span>Discover</span> Poland
Discover Poland

All questions and tasks refer to the Polish culture. The competition ends with the final round in which the final result is still up in the air. The number of points received is determined by a good luck in the scoring ball. Exemplary competitions: deaf phone, puns, TV and film quotes, epic hits, the Polish language, who is who, knowledge about Poland.

Lip dup

We would like to give you the opportunity to record a unique music video. With our help, you will record an unforgettable music video. We will later watch it together on a big screen and select the best crew. Before you take on the Lip Dub recording challenges, you will be invited to the theoretical part. During the lecture you will learn the basic information related to the work of a filmmaker, you will learn the operator and light techniques.

<span>Lip </span> dup

The participants will be divided into teams and draw their task stations. The provided construction projects allow you to build a unique and working mechanism together. A complicated chain reaction will perform a trivial task for you. The Goldberg machine is an ideal product promotion. Building a Goldberg machine can stimulate you to apply innovative solutions.

Shooting range

At a specially arranged range, you will have the opportunity to train your shooter's eye. Competitions: airguns, arcs, paintball markers.

Shooting range
Military outdoor

A team activity, interesting military techniques, a collective mission, emotions and the taste of risk will make it an unforgettable adventure, an opportunity to get to know each other and integrate! The participants will have to unite in a joint fight as special unit soldiers to gradually complete all the tasks.

<span>Military </span> outdoor
<span>Treasure </span>hunters
Treasure hunters

The Participants' task is to reach all the stages in the search for a treasure with the help of GPS devices We offer group activities including several tasks to complete under the supervision of our instructors. At each point, the group will receive tips on the next task. Each station will be awarded separately, and the final ranking of the teams will be decided by the number of points accumulated!

Breaking the Guinness record

The participants take part in all competitions in which they attempt "Breaking the Guinness Record". Each group under the supervision of our instructors will have several competitions to perform - scoring stations. At each station, the group will receive tips on the next task and information on the record to beat. Each station will be scored separately, and the final classification of the teams will be decided by the number of points accumulated!

<span>Breaking</span> the Guinness record
<span>Setting up </span>a Sales Showroom
Setting up a Sales Showroom

All teams meet on the construction site, where they buy the materials for the collected "Firmcents". The construction site: purchasing strategy, product, advertising slogan, advertising campaign, advertising banner.

Who is the killerł?

We compose the menu according to the guests' instructions and preferences. The Polish cuisine is just one of many culinary wedding proposals. The form of the party is also your choice - an elegant cocktail or an all-night party continued the next day.

<span>Who is </span> the killerł?
<span>Macro Monopoly </span></br> + escape room
Macro Monopoly
+ escape room

The game includes a large format board designed to easily observe the whole game. Custom fields: blackjack table, fighter, Olympics, and gang warfare. You can get rich anytime... Meanwhile in a mysterious room, if you will get extra cash if you free yourself up quickly.

Fashion & Style

We will help you to create your own collection. We will supply the necessary materials to sew clothes, we will prepare a catwalk for models. All this, to let you feel like a real fashion designer creating the best pieces that will conquer the global markets. The program encourages spontaneity, open and lively discussion, motivates to present abilities and get to know each other.

<span>Fashion </span> & Style
<span>Art</span> Zone
Art Zone

This is an unusual meeting during which the participants cooperate for the benefit of the team and experience art creating unique images. This is certainly not an event full of unnecessary pathos. On the contrary, what counts here is the sense of humor, good fun, and creativity. At the end, we will take pictures of each image and possibly prepare company calendars.

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